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Feature Highlight: Suggest a site

We at Beetle are keen to constantly hear about improvements and suggestions our users have. One obvious area open to suggestions is the actual content we have in our database.

We constantly strive to have the best and most up to date information for you guys to use, but sometimes a little pointing in the right direction helps us out a lot!

If we don’t have a brand or campaign you are looking for from a specific site you can “Suggest a site” so we can get signed up to their email cycle and begin collecting analytics and email creative for you.

It’s really simple and really quick!

All you need to do is click in the side menu on the “Suggest a site” option that looks like this -

imageIf you click on this option you will have a window pop up asking you to enter the website url you would like us to sign up to for you:

imageIf you enter the url as shown above and click submit, Beetle will automatically try and sign up to that site’s email campaigns as soon as possible!

Teamwork! 🙂