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How To Guide: Creating Subscriptions

At Beetle we want to make your campaign research and market analysis as easy as possible, this is why we have created search Subscriptions.

We found that once you have searched for a particular brand or campaign, you want to know what happens with this campaigns on an ongoing basis. Subscriptions allow for you to do this and refer back to whenever you need.

Here is how you create a Subscription:

Step 1.  Start your search.

Start your search on the homepage by entering the keywords or brand you are looking to see emails about.

imageStep 2. Refine your search

Once you have submitted your search request you will be presented with our full range of emails, since the birth of Beetle until the present day, in reverse chronological order (newest first).

imageTo refine the date period of your search you can alter the search parameters in the top right hand section of the page.

imageHere you can see if I have limited the search to only show me results from 2016. The page will then reload with only the requested results.

Step 3. Hit the blue button.

You’ll see under the date parameter boxes there is a blue “Subscribe to this search” button.

imageClick this button and a window will pop-up asking you whether you want to save as a new Subscription or replace an existing one. Name it and save it.

imageNow your search is saved it will automatically update with any emails since the start date you set, check in daily to see the new content and analytics available.

Step 4. Referring back to your Subscription

On the side bar menu you will see a Subscriptions option.

imageClick on this and your personal Subscriptions page will open. In here you will see all of the Subscriptions you have previously set up.

imageSelect the Subscription you want to look at and it will load on the page, with the latest emails relating to your search criteria.

imageMake sure you check out the Analytics tab too, so you can see all the juicy information related to your search.

imageHave fun Subscribing!