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New feature: Advanced search with industry classification!

Today we unveiled something we’ve been working very hard on, and are very excited about; our advanced search.

We have offered search filtering for a while, but it was only exposed by using some admittedly ambiguous search terms. We’ve revised our search functionality and have made it a whole lot easier to find exactly what you want.

Under your trusty old search box, you’ll now see an “advanced search”  option. Clicking this will present you with a plethora of filters you can use to whittle down your search.

Possibly the most exciting piece of this new feature however, is our new industry classification! Now you can filter your emails by the industry you’re interested in. An in depth how to guide will be coming soon, but check out the screenshots below to get an idea of what we’ve got waiting for you.

Be aware that the industry classification feature is very much in beta and as such a work in progress. This means that you may see the occasional incorrectly classified email in your searches. If you like, you can let us know about these emails via the “Report a problem” button when viewing an email.

If you’re wondering how on earth we could incorrectly classify an email, it’s because we’re developing a system that will look at the content of an email and decide which industry it belongs to, based on its keywords, who it’s from and the website it was received from. We’ve flicked the “automatically get better over time” switch on, and it should get better at this classification the more emails it sees.

As well as the in depth guide to our advanced search, for all you techies we’ll be writing a high level view of how we’ve achieved this. Here at Beetle, we’re tech-heads at heart, so we can’t wait to tell you more!