The Animated Movies 1921–1968
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The Walt Disney Film Archives. The Animated Movies 1921–1968
The Golden Age of Disney
Of strokes, bowls, brackets, spines, spurs, arms and eyes
The Geometry of Type
Typography, more than any other aspect of design, is awash in subtle distinctions. Which either is part and parcel of its charm or a source of annoyance, depending on your perspective.
Manage those Mac fonts
FontExplorer X Pro Mac Font Management Solution Updated
Monotype's font management solution adds functionality that includes updated plugin support for recent versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and QuarkXPress.
A capable natural media application
Rebelle Enhanced for Natural Media Painting
Are there really any fresh approaches left for software that can help us create art and illustrations? Well, yes, it would seem that small developers still have a contribution to make in this area.
Develop your designs online
You want to develop designs online in a collaborative environment? Don't look to Adobe for help. But perhaps the browser-based Figma can lend a hand.
Images representative of a diverse population
Diverse UI
Diverse UI provides images representative of a diverse population. These photos have full usage rights, so you can use them in every stage of your design process.
3D modeling in the cloud
Perform both generative and standard 3D modeling directly in the browser, save your models in the cloud, share them and participate in the community.
Create documents online
Readymag offers the possibility of easily creating a wide range of responsive layouts online and making projects look great on tablets and phones.
A free digital painting program
MyPaint is a nimble, distraction free and easy to use free and open source tool for digital painters, with support for a wide range of graphics tablets.
Yo, Scotty! Beam me a Southern Belle sandwich
Starbird Boldly Goes Where No Fried Chicken Brand Has Gone Before
San Francisco studio Strohl was tapped for creating everything from the brand strategy and positioning through to app design, print collateral and the uniforms.
Perhaps simply calling the color vermilion seemed dull
Snapdeal Rebrand Goes with Mello Vermello
The new logo represents the box in which Snapdeal's products arrive, created from two arrows which we're told "conveys Snapdeal’s journey as partners and enablers, indicating progress, onwards and upwards."
If you can't visit a park, at least snag a poster
Fifty-Nine Posters for Fifty-Nine Parks
The series, an initiative of The National Poster Retrospecticus, will include a poster for each of the 59 National Parks by the time it draws to a close, designed by a variety of artists. Yes, they're for sale.
2016 Clio Awards Winners
Announcing Gold, Silver & Bronze Winners.
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